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Alligator Pond

Alligator Pond is a fishing village on the southwestern coast of Jamaica inside the parish of Manchester.[3]

Unlike the visitor-oriented coasts within the northern part of the united states of america, Alligator Pond's shoreline is as plenty about paintings as play; here fishermen launch their boats to trap some of the island's pleasant-seemed fish even as ladies conduct the wholesale business of the seize. Weather-worn cookshops and bars line the sand's edge, imparting meals staples consisting of curried goat and purple Stripe beer.


Hills like alligator's lower back.
Alligator Pond lies on the foot of the Don Figueroa Mountains to the north-east, a few 35 km from Mandeville. The name is stated by means of locals to derive from the shape of the mountain range, which considered from the seaside has bumps which suggest an alligator's returned.

The Alligator Pond River is a showering spot about 2 miles west of the village off the street leading to Port Kaiser.

The Little Ochie

The Little Ochie restaurant at the seaside.
The Little Ochie, a fish restaurant, is located in several huts at the beach, some made from the hulls of fishing boats with thatched roofs. It has accelerated to seat numerous hundred and draws a consumers from a ways and extensive, which include some traveller excursions.


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