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Abbaye de La Sauve-Majeure

Grande-Sauve Abbey or Sauve-Majeure Abbey may be a former Benedictine religious residence close to the current village of los angeles Sauve within the department of the Gironde, in an exceedingly region once heavily wooded. though currently in ruins, the remains of the abbey area unit still of nice interest in terms of Romanesque architecture, particularly due to the various carved capitals still extant.

In 1998 the abbey ruins were enclosed as a part of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization world heritage web site of the journey route to St. James of Compostela.

Abbey entrance

On the spot referred to as Hauteville, halfway between the river and also the Dordogne, Gerald of Sauve-Majeure based the abbey of Grande-Sauve in 1079, of that he was additionally the primary superior. Its name refers to the woodland Major, the good forest that then occupied the total region referred to as the Vignoble DE l'Entre-Deux-Mers ("vineyard between 2 seas"), that was a present to Gerald from Duke William VIII of French region.

With the support of the duke, the Pope and an outsized variety of generous benefactors and protectors, together with the kings of European nation, its patrons, and France, the abbey prospered and grew apace. it's sited on the route to Santiago DE Compostela and served as a neighborhood purpose of departure for pilgrims. superior Gerald was buried there at his death in 1095 and Pope Celestine III glorified him in 1197. the current church was consecrated in 1231.

Grande-Sauve Abbey had a monastic life ruled by the Rule of St. Benedict and supported that of Cluny, though it failed to belong to the Cluniac Order. within the Middle Ages it absolutely was an upscale and powerful house and possessed fifty one priories, together with at Burwell in European nation. Eleanor of French region stayed there typically. In wealth and power it rivalled the urban centre of Bordeaux. However, the abbey's wealth attracted bandits, Basques and also the Navarrese, World Health Organization empty it repeatedly. The town of los angeles Sauve additionally rebelled typically against the wealthy monks.

The abbey suffered injury throughout the Hundred Years' War (1337 to 1453) between France and European nation, and though it absolutely was repaired and fortified within the sixteenth century, at this era the abbey's privileges and influence were contested and its economic position vulnerable. From this point forward it found itself in an exceedingly continued decline.

Abbey ruins

The community later joined the Congrégation des Exempts and in 1667 became a member of the Congregation of St. Maur.

In 1665 an excellent storm caused severe injury to the roofs of the church, the dormitories and also the dining-hall, similarly on the belltower, that folded at the tip of the seventeenth century. In 1759 the structure of the church was seriously weakened by associate degree earthquake.

Dissolution and when
During the revolution the abbey's assets were confiscate and distributed. The extant buildings were used from 1793 as a jail. The church roof fell in in 1809, and for consequent forty years the remains were used as a quarry for the village of los angeles Sauve.

In 1837 the bishop bought up the positioning and had a Jesuit school engineered there, that was later born-again into a teachers' college. however in 1910 the varsity was destroyed in an exceedingly hearth and also the web site was once more abandoned. Between 1914 and 1918 the remaining buildings were used as alittle hospital.

In 1960 the positioning was nonheritable by the French government and also the ruins created stable. the positioning is currently hospitable the general public beneath the management of the Centre des Monuments Historiques

Abbaye de la Sauve-Majeure
Abbaye de la Sauve-Majeure
Abbaye de la Sauve-Majeure
Abbaye de la Sauve-Majeure

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