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Abbaye de Kylemore

Kylemore Abbey (Irish: Mainistir sodium Coille Móire) could be a Benedictine religious residence based in 1920 on the grounds of Kylemore Castle, in Connemara, County port, Ireland. The abbey was based for Benedictine Nuns WHO fled Belgique in war I. the present Mother mother superior of the Benedictine Community is Marie Hickey.

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Kylemore Castle was inbuilt 1868 as a non-public home for the family of Mitchell Henry, a affluent doctor from London whose family was concerned in textile producing in Manchester, England. He affected to eire once he and his partner Margaret purchased the land round the Abbey, when having traveled there on their honeymoon within the middle decennium. He became a political candidate, turning into associate MP for County port from 1871 to 1885. The castle was designed by James Franklin Fuller, power-assisted by James Ussher Roberts. the development of the castle began in 1867, and took the whole of 1 hundred men and 4 years to complete. The castle lined close to forty,000 sq. feet (3,700 m2) and had over seventy rooms with a principal wall that was 2 to a few feet thick. The facade measures 142 feet (43 m) wide and is created of granite brought from Dalkey by ocean to Letterfrack and from sedimentary rock brought from Ballinasloe. there have been thirty three bedrooms, four bogs, four sitting rooms, a ballroom, room, library, study, lecture room, room, military quarters and numerous offices and domestic workers residences for the manservant, cook, domestic help and alternative servants. alternative buildings embody a Gothic cathedral and family sepulchre containing the bodies of Margaret Henry, Mitchell Henry and an excellent grand-nephew.

The Abbey remained in Henry's estate when he came back to European country. The castle was oversubscribed to the Duke and peeress of Manchester in 1903, WHO resided there for many years before being forced to sell the house and grounds thanks to gambling debts. In 1920, land Benedictine Nuns purchased the Abbey castle and lands when they were forced to escape Ypres, Belgique throughout war I. The nuns, WHO had been based mostly in Ypres for many hundred years, had been bombed out of their Abbey throughout war I. They were saved by men of the eighth Battalion of the Royal Munster Fusiliers, a scene that was later reproduced within the Freeman's Journal. when they left Ypres they were exhausted to European country wherever they remained till 1920. The nuns continuing to supply education to Catholic women, gap a world college|private school} and establishing every day school for ladies from the neighborhood. the varsity acted because the main professional person for many women from Renvyle, Letterfrack and any abroad for pretty much a century however it absolutely was forced to shut in June 2010.[1] The nuns have since been developing new education and retreat activities.

Walled Victorian Gardens, Kylemore Abbey
The Estate includes massive walled Victorian Gardens. Since the Seventies these are open for public tours and 'nature' walks. The Benedictine community has fixed up the Abbey's gardens and Cathedral with donations and native artisans so as to be a self-sufficient estate.

Abbaye de Kylemore
Abbaye de Kylemore

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