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Aaigem[1] may be a village happiness to the municipality of Erpe-Mere. it's set within the province of East European country, Belgium. The village has some 2000 inhabitants. Aaigem was Associate in Nursing freelance municipality with a district of seven.32 sq. kilometers until 1976.

Aaigem is found north of the Flemish plateau, a unsmooth region, and is additionally a locality of the Denderstreek. The village is set on the north of the natural depression of Molenbeek-Ter Erpenbeek, a brook passing south of the village centre. Since the natural depression is characterised by low wet land, construction development is quite restricted there.

The village centre of Aaigem is set regarding fifty three meters on top of water level, with the Molenbeek brook being regarding thirty meters on top of water level. the very best purpose at intervals Aaigem is seventy seven.8 meters on top of water level, and is found in Opaaigem. it's conjointly the very best purpose of the municipality of Erpe-Mere. rock bottom purpose is twenty seven meters, and is found at the lowest of the Gotegemberg Hill. As such, the utmost height interval is fifty meters.

There is a 205 square measure nature reserve referred to as Den Dotter within the sub-municipalities of Aaigem (municipality Erpe-Mere) and Heldergem (municipality Haaltert).

Etymologically, Flemish toponyms ending with –gem see a Germanic compound of –haim, which means ‘home’ or ‘residence’, and a by-product ending –inga. the primary a part of the name "Aaigem" is often allotted to the Germanic name of agone, a presently unknown person. In its totality, the compound Agingahaim meant ‘residence of the followers or social group members of Ago’. Gem-toponyms ar typical for the amount of Frankish settlement throughout the Merovingian era, although nothing is understood regarding the village of Aaigem at that point, with the earliest records regarding the Aaigem chemical analysis back to the eleventh century.

The territory of Aaigem may need belonged to the Abbey of St. Peter or the Abbey of Saint Bavo in Ghent before the forays of the Norsemen. From around 1100, the church of Aaigem was property of the Anchin Abbey (in Pecquencourt, close to Douai in northern France). This abbey control abundant of the land in Aaigem until the revolution. Agriculture remained the most supply of financial gain throughout the twentieth century. However, some industrial activity, like mill operation, have taken place. The restricted rural business that came into existence within the nineteenth and twentieth century, like variety of native dairy farm farms, haven't survived.

In the social organization amount Aaigem belonged to the Land of Aalst, and at intervals this space, it absolutely was a part of the Land of Haaltert, later conjointly referred to as Land of Rotselaar, in relevancy the Lords of Rotselaar, United Nations agency remained liege of this landed estate for generations.[when?]

Aaigem is one among the few villages in European country with a preserved Frankish common (Dutch: dries), set regarding one klick east from the current village center.

Three water mills are preserved. All of them ar set on the Molenbeek Brook, and ar referred to as, the Engelsmolen, the Ratmolen and therefore the Zwingelmolen. The oldest records of the Engelsmolen and therefore the Ratmolen date from to the sixteenth century, however the present buildings originate the nineteenth century. In 1870, a external-combustion engine was put in within the Engelsmolen, however all activity was ceased in 1956. The Zwingelmolen has been regenerate into a house.

Elevage de veaux à Aaigem
Elevage de veaux ŕ Aaigem
A Aaigem
A Aaigem

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